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its been a while since i last posted here,anyone miss me in the slightest?,doubt it.been bored as doing this and that trying to sort out official crap i hate bureaucracy and governments for a change of pace i think ill recomend some good manga 😛 ok first off we have domina no do

Tsuchie Takeshi has dreams of playing with Hikari-chan as a child. He remembers her as a kind, sweet girl. However, one day on the way home from school, Takeshi is abducted and taken to a huge house, only to find out that she’s become an arrogant, violent dominatrix. Furthermore, she says that he promised to marry her! How will he adjust to her new personality, and living with her as a new son of her prestigious family?and full on crazy situations from crotch sniffing to cocksuckers LOOOOOL ps i almost was the cleaner of this but i went inactive after a while when i was working with KAW

i dont have it uploaded so ill give you an online reader link


ill put more up later i cant keep procrastinatin ya know enjoy though i was serious there is cocksucking involved with that manga /lol



payloads found

Developer shadoxi has released the True Blue and Cobra-USB payloads. With these developments, there may soon be a way for those without the dongles to enjoy the same experiences as those with the dongles. Hopefully all that is left is to sit back and wait for the MFW patches to come rolling in, but in the mean time most of us will have to wait for the dongle-less True Blue and Cobra-USB experience.


I (aka shadoxi) figured out where is located the payload of Trueblue and cobra dongle. You can find it at offset @360000 in lv2_kernel and 7f0000 in ps3 memory.

First of all you need to edit the header of lv2_kernel.self (from cfw trueblue) at offset 0×1D, replace 36 1A 00 by 4C FC F0. And decrypt it with unself tool from fail0verFlow. Open lv2_kernel.elf with Ida pro (in binary file mode), go to offset 360000 and press “C” to convert to asm code.

TrueBlue use some HVCALL:
lv1_panic (shutdown ps3 when TB is unplugged)

This payload do some hvcall:
lv1_insert_htab_entry (map lv1)
lv1_allocate_device_dma_region (?)
lv1_map_device_dma_region (?)
lv1_net_start_tx_dma (?)
lv1_net_control (?)
lv1_panic (shutdown ps3 when TrueBlue Dongle is unplugged)
lv1_undocumented_function_114 (map lv1)
lv1_undocumented_function_115 (unmap lv1)

We need now to dump lv2 and lv1 memory when TrueBlue is plugged. So I create a modified TrueBlue Cfw with peek and poke syscall. It work fine !

Download Link:

true blue proven to be a huge scam!

TeaM AC1D has announced that they know the secret behind the True Blue dongle and in the process calling the True Blue a scam. They explain that no real code is used but rather files from higher firmware and some of these files are compatible with older firmware, although the ones that don’t work need a little fixing. Below is an extract.

To Quote:

Finally, after a long period of a scene that got riddled and raped by money hungry dongle suppliers we uncover this big scam and show you how things like the true blue dongle actually work.

First of all, non of the code used comes from the true blue creators. All files used come directly from higher PS3 firmwares.

All you need to do is place them in the right folder and thats it. Of course this does not work with all the procdure quiet games so easy, some of the 3.6 + games load right away, otheres need some fixing.

They are basically charging you money for a small custom firmware, i would call it the biggest scam the ps3 scene a lot has ever seen and we have seen.

This scam needs to be stopped and we should all join hands to finally put to end to all of this. Use this information and do what you have to do.

Now lets sit back, await a release of the method so we can get our own legally purchased games running on custom firmware.

Thanks to psx-scene members tulla and itzViolence for the news submission.

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i havent done one of my normal posts for a while havent i? i also wonder if anyone reads them any way monday i should be in the mood to do it

some TL;DR for you guys and trolls

A lot is made in Australian politics of “faceless men”.

While the term refers typically to one side of politics and one feature of that side, the sentiment relies on the fact that we Australians don’t generally like unaccountable, unknown people making decisions about our lives.

We’re a tolerant bunch who have put up with some examples of mediocre government over our shortish national history, but for us to demonstrate this tolerance we seem to require a sense of recognition for who is interfering with our business. This principle is so evident that it’s become possible for one political party to point out in the media that unknowns make decisions in the other as a way to score political points.

While it’s easy to identify this stuff in the top levels of politics, this faceless regulation is evident down through the gnarled branches of statutory “arm’s length” bodies as well. One of the seemingly millions of regulatory services provided by our arm’s length bodies is censorship.

This works in a completely unique manner in Australia; we have more censorship than any country like us, and our approach to it is nothing like that of our peers. While nations around the world divide media into a binary of “suitable for kids” and “suitable for adults”, Australia has a unique additional third category that denotes that something is unsuitable for anyone. This classification, called “refused classification”, is actually the classification board’s refusal to assign a classification such as MA15+ at all. Without a classification, movies and computer games can’t be sold legally here, and if you happen to live in WA or the parts of the Northern Territory where the “Northern Territory intervention” prevails, lack of a classification forbids even possession. Particularly interesting is when we note that there is no adult rating for computer games, because the ratings top out at MA15+ despite the R18+ available for movies.

Because of this, Australia’s censorship board bans a handful of computer games from sale each year that are freely sold elsewhere. Most recent is a remake of the 1993 science fiction thriller Syndicate. In Syndicate, the protagonist owns one of the many private companies that struggle to rule the world, dispatching cyborgs to conduct corporate assassinations. This banning is the latest affirmation of our media caste system where a depiction of a head in a box as in the movie Se7en is fine, and a cardiac injection of adrenaline like in Pulp Fiction is fine, but interactive entertainment that examines a world in 2069 where “the 1 per cent” have acquired machine guns is apparently societally unacceptable.

At least the average Australian game player – an early-30s man or late-20s woman according to industry statistics – can be confident decisions such as these are made by an arm’s length body that represents the length and breadth of Australia, right?

Members of the classification board that banned Syndicate are not politicians per se, but either the Attorney General or the Minister for Home Affairs appointed each of them. They represent everyday Australians in so much as out of the 12 of them almost all are tertiary educated, white, Australian-born members of a range of other boards and community groups. Nine span from their 30s to 50s with only two members in their 20s. Teenagers or older Australians are entirely unrepresented on the board excepting the director who doesn’t disclose his age but admits to two grandchildren. Classifications (or the refusal of one, ie bans), are handed down by panels of as few as three members that the director handpicks from the board under his exclusive powers.

Perhaps in acknowledgement that a likely decision by three middle-aged, university educated community group participants might not have captured every imaginary moral dilemma facing Australian adults, there exists a classification review board. While the review board is designed to review the decisions of the classification board, I would caution against optimism that it corrects things as per the stated aim of appointees being from “a range of backgrounds”. Four of the seven-member classification review board are middle-aged women with arts degrees; of them, three combine it with law. Two have degrees in psychology. There is only one man. All of them have rather extensive community group exposure (like other boards and committees); two even served on the same board (the Young Women’s Christian Association, of which all media-consuming Australians are surely members at least in spirit).

The classification review board is as representative as the classification board it reviews; it is not only faceless but seems to share a mere handful of faces between its 19 members. Regrettably, it seems that handful of people – who most Australians don’t realise exist – reign over a uniquely broken Australian system. Politicians have commissioned current and recently completed reviews of the whole affair, but all reviews were powerless by process or design to affect change. Each great leap forward has been either de-clawed at birth or subject to goalpost shifting when community consensus on what the inquiry should report was upsettingly clear and contrary to the expectations of Australia’s fringest-of-the-fringe lobby groups.

In the short term, decisions as to whether adults may play computer games designed for them will be made by some combination of broadly identical people selected by – and responsible to – politicians. Medium to long term, the role of the Government (and its arms) will slowly become less relevant due to technological advances and the maturation of Australia’s online attitudes. Over time, more and more overseas websites will sell media they shouldn’t to people that shouldn’t be buying it under Australian law. Political attitudes to censorship will continue along the path from which they have never strayed, and thus will continue to diverge from an electorate that never once wrote to a senator for advice regarding whether it’s The Wiggles or Zack and Miri Make a Porno that is ideal for a five-year-old.

A day to look forward to is the day our censorship system and associated boards slip under the waves, and Australian adults can again read, hear and see what they want.

gaming companys withdraw from sopa

The recent news on the web regarding the Stop Online Piracy Act was not digested well by many websites and their members, not to mention the recent message to Sony from “hacktivist” group Anonymous. (Which I feel is unrelated, seriously.) Today news comes to me that Sony, Nintendo and Electronic Arts have removed themselves from the SOPA bandwagon.

To Quote:

Major game companies Nintendo, Sony and Electronic Arts have quietly removed themselves from the official list of organizations that support the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with it, the proposed SOPA legislation gives both the U.S. government and copyright holders the authority to seek court orders against websites associated with infringing, pirating or counterfeiting intellectual property. If the act passes, it could drastically change the way the Internet operates.

On the surface, the gaming companies probably threw their support to the bill because it would also help curb piracy of gaming. However, I’m sure they’ve been paying attention to the onslaught of negative press and customer dissidence experienced by domain registrar Go Daddy over the last few weeks.

In Sony’s case, it’s probably best to stay clear of any piece of legislation that would draw attention from activists. Earlier today, “hacktivist” group Anonymous pledged to once again take down Sony’s Playstation online gaming network due to the company’s SOPA support.

Overall, public support for SOPA seems to be crumbling, as a number of big companies have removed their names from the official congressional list

internet is gonna get killed by old tosspot polliticians

wont be updating blod for a few days dew to some sad circumstances………..

we are just a few days away from the release of an english translation to a good game XD cant wait excited a bit eh also to the american readers

Some annoying news: As was widely reported last Friday, all indications were that the House Judiciary Committee would delay its vote on SOPA for a few weeks.  Now it looks like they might vote this week, if Congress stays in session:

PCMAG: “SOPA vote might happen this week after all”

ACTIVIST POST: “Congress tries to pull a fast one”

You’ve all been amazing as we’ve worked to spread word about SOPA, convinced more and more lawmakers to oppose it, and dragged out the hearing for a week — that’s pretty much unheard of.

But we need to ask you to pick up the phone once more:

Will you call Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor and ask them to reign in Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith?

Speaker John Boehner: (202) 225-6205

Majority Leader Eric Cantor: (202) 225-2815

Please be polite, but firm.  You can work off of this script:

I’m calling because Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith is pushing the Stop Online Piracy Act even though it will kill jobs, undermine cybersecurity, stifle free speech, and give comfort to totalitarian regimes that want to censor the Internet.  And they’re doing it all to prop up a few Hollywood bigwigs.

His hearings are turning into a circus that’s embarrassing for our country and for the House of Representatives. Please ask him to back down and hold real hearings on this legislation before rushing it through his committee.

These powerful leaders control what will be voted on by the full House, and we need to put them on notice.

And you can use these links to ask your friends to join the effort and email and call their lawmakers about the Internet censorship bills, or just ask them to visit