PS3 4.0 CFW does nothing realy download inside+ manga!

We reported a firmware 4.0 mod by a developer name ps3hen here. Today he has released an updated version of his mod, namely PS3 4.0 Hybrid Firmware. In this second release he has added debug XMB items, the removal of the PS Plus item and cinavia removal. Please note that this requires you to be on custom firmware 3.55 and below, also a hardware flasher is required.

To Quote:

Following up on the previous update of my PS3 4.00 Dev_Flash mod, today I’ve released version 2 of my PS3 4.00 HFW (Hybrid Firmware).

Remember only retail signed .pkg can be installed with this. Have fun. THIS HFW WILL NOT ALLOW HOMEBREW!

An important message for users upgrading from a QA Flagged console: If this console is updated to my 4.00HFW from a QA Flagged console, it will not be able to access the extra System Settings provided by QA Flagging. However all settings made with the QA Debug Settings will remain, EXCEPT “System Debug Update”.

Extra Credits: This HFW uses the “XMB File Manager” by DeViL303 which is a modification of Team Rebug’s “Packages Manager”.

Changelog v2:

  • Adds “Debug XMB Items” to the XMB Column “PlayStation Network” (contains the Debug items found in this column, originally for DEX)
  • Removes the useless “PlayStation Plus” XMB item from the XMB Column “PlayStation Network”
  • Disables Cinavia DRM on all media except Blue-ray.


  1. Be on a firmware 3.55 or less
  2. Install the .pup through the XMB (Make sure you have a working hardware flasher as there is no other way to downgrade)

Download: PS3 4.0 Hybrid Firmware v2

ive been promising manga for ages and!!!! i finally deliver!

Great Teacher Onizuka

its about a perverted 22 year old virgin that aspires to become the greatest of anything at the start and alot of hilarious situations occur

slow weekend

today my entire town was like busy as and i couldent get much of my work done i did get $47 for an hours worth of work though and a free icy pole and a bag of chips SCORE but that aside ive been bored out of my fucking mind with nothing to preocupy myself i realy need to find a new girlfreind….
oh yeah
human centrepede 2 was band in australia LOL not surprised but i am surprised that the ACB banned the film without even watching it isnt it their job to WATCH films and classify them? so why are they getting paid for not doing their job? i dont know why but if i were bludging and got caught id get an earfull

phone call here
the guy dances right into the palm of her hand on some of her remarks this guy apears to be an amataur when dealing with weasel talkers
when she asked why he doesnt drive on the left side of the road he didnt think about it and gave a generic answer

id have said the if i drove on the left side it will endanger the lives of others and possibly endanger my own XD

for those of you that arent australian we drive on the right hand side FYI

and her remark about masturbating to torture LOLOL i could totaly do that  it has happend a few times before but the way she said it  yeah……


And now to the anime, it seems I did not upload 2 ovas but an ova and an anime movie, even so both of this anime last approx. 30 minutes.

Pale Cocoon
A bleak future, a post apocalyptic world in which little is known about the past and where a young man is seeking that knowledge while everyone around him seems to care less and less about the past. Visually stunning, great atmosphere and quite an original story.

3.73 CFW leaked!!!!!!!!!?~ where the fuck is it now

ok earlier this week one in kakorots trusted circle has leaked his CFW so far it hasnt spread much but haha the on the internet files spread like wild fire
im not a fan of math or kakoroto frankly math is a giant E-penis attached to a head the size of a small pimple loool and kako well his last firmware sucked and ran nothing as well as geohots FW so realy i hope another lot of people crack his FW reverse engineer it and create a proper CFW that actuly works

Earlier kakoroto had suggested that the leaker could have been Mathieulh but recent tweets indicate it was NOT him. Lets hope this can be contained since it “can cost a lot to the scene”.

For now it seems the leak could be within the developer circle and lets hope it remains that way.

Seems to be contained…


Ok, so I dug and figured out what happened… GOOD NEWS! There was no leak! Although you never really know, but I’m more and more convinced that it wasn’t a leak.
So first of all, thank you to all who gave their support and the twitter flood was extreme. I am really happy to see that many concerned users in the scene, with a very few exceptions, I noticed that most people were disgusted and unhappy with the leak, someone summed it up pretty nicely “While I should be happy that it’s leaked, I’m not, I’m disgusted, I don’t even want to use it now”. So thank you, with your support, you have given me joy and the confidence that this scene has a lot more voices than the few angry haters.

That being said, here’s an explanation of what happened.
Someone came to talk to me on IRC asking “Is this how you did ? ” and he gave some explanation.. which was true. At that point, it could be either coincidence or a leak, but what made me believe in a leak is that he said something (which I can’t really tell what it is) that was very unique and special and weird and you wouldn’t expect it (even if you found the same ‘exploit’), and that little detail was specific to my jailbreak. Unfortunately, the guy went offline before I could reply to him, so all I could see was that it was a leak.

After going around, only 6 people actually knew of the jailbreak’s method, and I spoke to all of them and I trust them all and I’m sure none of them spoke about it with anyone. It turns out, the person who approached me asking “is this how you did : …. ” had not received any information from anyone. When I finally caught him online and asked him where he got that information, I realized that it was simply someone who was clever enough to figure it out.
As for that one detail that was quite unique to my jailbreak, it turns out it was miscommunication.. the guy meant something completely different from what I understood, and yes, I guess I was just being paranoid and I interpreted it in one way. But when he explained what he meant by it, it made sense… now that I read his message again, I see exactly what he meant, but since I couldn’t understand it first, the only way I could interpret it was to understand it as being that detail specific to my method. Life is hard when one word/sentence can be interpreted in multiple valid ways…
So anyways, that’s how it is, it looks like nothing was leaked, so everyone’s happy now. But this was a wake up call actually, it just reinforced that I should be even more cautious and avoid talking about it to anyone until it’s ready.

On that note, progress was made even though I’m on vacation, and it’s going well, I won’t say anything else

Thank you,

Source: KaKaRoToKS – Twitter

hahah SLIME nikuman

zwow i was surprised to see these come out i just wish they sold stuff like this here im quite partial to wierd foods xD because realy when people recoil when they see odd colored foods hahaha blue and green in particular and some times purple if its not a candy because these are the 3 colors of death,sickness,desease i realy cant eat food that smells bad though i end up gaging soon as i put it in my mouth xD

Family Mart has launched a peculiar “blue slime” nikuman (meat dumpling) based on the iconic Dragon Quest monster – prompting much abuse by fans with nothing better to do than play with their food.

Microwaving them has the most objectionable results:


Other efforts are marginally less unpleasant:


pictures stolen from sankaku xD

oh yeah ive been pormising manga for a while now >.< its quite a task i havent uploaded any personaly but i have some torrents ready to go
if your unfamiliar with torrents you will need to download utorrent and then just download the torrent link i give you an open with utorrent
and then you select where to download it to XD

Pee Drinking Alice
sounds interesting its NSFW and probably a bad thing but hey i havent read it might be decent
details: Princess Alice of Urinalia comes to Japan to study their culture, but her country has a practice of drinking urine as a sign of friendship!

Otaku no Musume-san
i finished reading this the other day it was ok the ending wasent so great it was realy open






Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life






Chapter 49 isn’t missing, Nicchi messed up and put 49 in the same chapter as 48. Chapter 55-2 was originally named exactly the same as chapter 55, so it has been renamed 55-2, to make sure it comes up after 55 as it should (and because you can’t have exactly the same file name in same folder).
Kanau Yukimura is nine years old and she’s meeting her father for the first time. However, he turns out to be an otaku! The two of them start living together in the same apartment, next to a lot of interesting neighbors. Unsurprisingly, things don’t always go smoothly for these two… Source : Mangaupdates


my favourite manga of them all its a great long series thats been going for the last 20 years its still going you will fuckin love it
Guts, the Black Swordsman, wanders around in a mediaeval world slaying demons as they are attracted to a demonic mark on his neck. To his help he has inhuman strength gained from a harsh childhood lived with mercenaries, a gigantic sword, an iron prosthetic left hand and the elf Puck. In his search for vengeance on the one who gave him the mark, he meets many interesting persons and creatures, whom all is affected by him in one way or another.

3.73 broken?

since no one has answered back on joining and creating a scan group well oh well maybe another time

heres some ps3 scene news as promised although i think kakoroto is a dweeb hopfuly we will get kmeaw back on the scene

A lot has been happening this week, homebrew being released, new updates pushed by awesome devs, but one in particular stands out with all these releases. A few hours ago the famous dev that brought to you the first Custom Firmware and the PL3 and PSFreedom. KaKaRoTo, is now back with a new announcement via his twitter, says that he has jailbroken firmware 3.73. Very good news indeed for those of you who are stuck at 3.73. However like his first CFW release this will not allow for backups or any backup managers to run as this would require LV2 peek/poke to run properly. However, he does state that homebrew will work just fine on his upcoming jailbreak. And more good news to follow up with this. He will be releasing this, once he has perfected it.

Here is a chat log with KaKaRoTo

[07:28:39] <KaKaRoTo> heri, docpaul showtime would work fine
[07:28:58] <sandungas> kakaroTo, this means new tcl patches for mfw and some changes to manage 3.73 ?
[07:29:17] <KaKaRoTo> ddoo, and no I didn’t fix the npdrm algo, that’s what I’m missing (hence the “kind of”) but I’m not
working on that, that’s someone else’s job
[07:30:05] <middleman> gonna debut it at ccc kakaroto or before?
[07:30:06] <KaKaRoTo> ddoo, and even if npdrm signing worked.. how do you install your pkg on an OFW 3.73 ?
[07:30:22] <heri> so KaKaRoTo, once the NPDRM algo is fixed, a release will come?
[07:31:14] <KaKaRoTo> heri, another missing bit, but once that’s fixed, yes
[07:31:23] <KaKaRoTo> but I’ll probably be off country for the next 2 weeks
[07:31:30] <KaKaRoTo> so all work will have to be paused
[07:31:52] <heri> oh, fair enough. we can all wait 2 weeks hey 😛 we have waited months anyways
[07:32:06] <KaKaRoTo> ddoo, that might work.. you could also just install your pkg on 3.55 then upgrade…
[07:32:20] <KaKaRoTo> ddoo, upgrading doesn’t delete any of your packages
[07:32:37] <KaKaRoTo> ddoo, issue is, you’re lost if you didn’t do it before upgrading
[07:32:53] <ddoo> but they fail because the npdrm algo is spoted by the checks in 3.56+
[07:33:13] <KaKaRoTo> heri, also note, I “announced” it because I was excited to see it work as expected
[07:33:22] <KaKaRoTo> doesn’t mean it’s ready for release
[07:33:31] <KaKaRoTo> ddoo, exactly
[07:33:36] <heri> yeh thats what we were saying just before you came
[07:33:43] <KaKaRoTo> so you need : 1 – npdrm algo fixed, 2 – a way to install stuff
[07:33:53] <heri> you only announce when you are confident it works
[07:33:58] <KaKaRoTo> 1 has been done by someone else (don’t know if he’ll share it), and 2.. well, I just did it
[07:34:37] <KaKaRoTo> heri, well, I was testing on 3.60 and it worked, but yes, I did upgrade to 3.73 to test that it still
works just to make sure I don’t tweet any false hopes
[07:34:46] <middleman> but you cant run what you installed until 1 is fixed correct?
[07:34:59] <KaKaRoTo> middleman, exactly
[07:36:17] <middleman> interesting
[07:36:19] <docpaul> nice, thx KaKaRoTo
[07:36:40] * KaKaRoTo needs to hide now if he wants to get any work done
[07:36:42] <KaKaRoTo> ttyl

Side note.
This is only for those that are on 3.73, those that aren’t please remain on 3.55

Via KaKaRoToKS twitter

now for manga XD


The end of the world was only the beginning.

Leading the charge for my 2nd wave is another legendary series, this one by Otomo Katsuhiro of AKIRA, Mother Sarah, and Steamboy fame, AKIRA being the most acclaimed and famous work of his. Otomo spent 8 years working on the project, and supposedly it was never completed to his utmost satisfaction. What he has created however has won numerous industry awards both domestically and abroad, and has stood the test of time tremendously well. It is as good as the day he put the wrap on it so many years ago.

AKIRA is set in a post-post-apocalyptic world of 2030, in a vast metropolis built on the ashes of a Tokyo annihilated by a blast from an unknown power. The lives of a group of delinquents are forever changed one night when one of them is involved in an accident which triggers his latent psychic ability. When he is whisked away by clandestine government agents, the others goes after him. Slowly the plot unravels, and the unimaginable power known as AKIRA that destroyed Tokyo 38 years ago and triggered WWIII is revealed.

in 1988 AKIRA was adapted into a landmark animated film, although its plot differs markedly from the print version. Together they are credited as having introduced both forms of storytelling to West and led the way for their popularization in the early 1990s. More recently, Hollywood has been hard at work trying to come out with a white-washed live-action adaptation of it, of which I am very unenthusiastic about. Regardless, the best version is now preserved for all times on the internet.

AKIRA v1-2

AKIRA v3-4
AKIRA v5-6
COMPLETE  credits go to XYZ

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Walt Disney Pictures Presents Hannah Montana The Movie US US$ 18.90 In stock, usually ships within 24hrs
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11/11/11 11:11:11 deci

ahhh 11,11,11 11:11:11 kinda coool eh?

but lol serious shit

so many fuckin awesome games out and i dont have the cash for em >.> so ill just bide my time it kinda depresses me so many good games are released that i want this year like

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim drooollssss and then there is Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception , Resistance 3 , Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS

now to movies that look awesome xD

The Nightmare Before Christmas [2D+3D] now the nightmare before xmas was allready awesome but now its on bluray AND 3D now guys 3D has evolved so much its not that red and blue shit anymore its fucking stunning for those of you that have FULL HD active 3D LED tvs from ether LG,SONY or fujitsu youl be blown away

The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya this was one of the best anime movie adaptions out there most of the time there is a real shit adaption full of crap but haruhi was just mind blowing and a real good watch now if i had the money id seriously buy this


Following on from the events of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime series, the story takes place from December 16 until December 24, a month after the cultural festival. The SOS Brigade, led by Haruhi Suzumiya, make plans to have a nabe party for Christmas. However, on the morning of December 18, Kyon arrives at school and finds out everything has changed. Haruhi and Itsuki Koizumi are missing, Ryoko Asakura has mysteriously returned, Mikuru Asahina does not recognize him and Yuki Nagato is an ordinary human. Only Kyon is aware that everything is different, as no one remembers anything about Haruhi or the SOS Brigade. The only clue Kyon manages to find is a bookmark left by the alien version of Yuki before everything was changed, telling him to gather ‘keys’ to run a program. While wondering about this clue, he gets to know the new Yuki, who appears to be quite fond of him. As December 20 comes, Kyon learns from Taniguchi that Haruhi was at another high school the whole time, along with Itsuki and others formerly from his school. By revealing his identity to her as ‘John Smith’ (his alias when he first traveled back in time and assisted a young Haruhi), Kyon manages to convince Haruhi to believe his story. With her assistance they gather the SOS Brigade together in the club room, thus bringing the keys necessary for a program built by alien Yuki.

Wanting to go back to his interesting life, Kyon activates the program and goes back in time to the Tanabata of three years ago. After meeting up with the future Mikuru, he obtains an uninstall program from the past’s Yuki, which needs to be shot at the culprit right after the change in the early hours of December 18. Returning to the present, they find the culprit, Yuki, who had borrowed Haruhi’s power to change everyone’s memories except Kyon’s, giving him the choice of which world he would rather live in. Kyon questions himself about his choice, and decides that his original world was more interesting and fun. Kyon tries to install the program into Yuki but is stabbed by Ryoko, who had retained her psychotic behavior. Before Ryoko can finish him off, he is rescued by future counterparts of Yuki, Mikuru and himself. He wakes up a few days later in a hospital, where the world is back to normal, but almost everyone believes Kyon had been in a coma since December 18 after having fallen down the stairs. When Yuki mentions to Kyon how the Data Integration Thought Entity would punish her for her actions, Kyon tells her to let them know that if they ever do, he can tell Haruhi about him being John Smith and have her alter reality so the Data Integration Thought Entity would cease to exist. As December 24 comes and his everyday life returns, Kyon stops by the SOS Brigade’s clubroom as he smells a spicy fragrance coming from it, meaning that Haruhi and the others had already started working on the nabe. Convinced that there is still time until he has to go back in time to save himself, and restore the original world, he enters the room with a fresh smile on his face. -stolen from WIKI

Hen Semi 1
Hen Semi 2
Hen Semi 3

you guys are shit out of luck on full episodes from youtube unless your spanish there are other places but the quality is unwatchable

now hen semi is a shortened trem for hentai seminar or Abnormal Physiology Seminar 😛 which kicks ass and full of sick and twisted jokes that will make you piss yourself laughing you know why? because i loved it this wont be licensed any time soon in america because its witty and covers QUITE a few fetishes fuck i love this show


Nanako falls in love with Komugi and she joins a seminar which he enrolls, but the seminar is an abnormal seminar. Sexual harassment-like assignments and eccentric classmates confuse her. nuff said go order a copy xD

oh yeah i forgot ahh fuck what was it again


haha i was blown away by the trailer i will buy the bluray soon as it comes out wont be for 8 months after januari most likly check it out now youl jizz ya self

Need for Speed: The Run

It’s called The Run. An illicit, high-stakes race across the country. The only way to get your life back is to be the first from San Francisco to New York. No speed limits. No rules. No allies. All you have are your driving skills and sheer determination as you battle hundreds of the world’s most notorious drivers on the country’s most dangerous roads. In Need for Speed The Run, you’ll weave through dense urban centers, rocket down icy mountain passes and navigate narrow canyons at breakneck speeds, all the while evading a relentless police force prepared – and willing – to use lethal force to take you down.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Game

blistering barnicles! tintin,snowy,and the capitan is back

In The Adventures of Tintin: The Game, play as Tintin, the intrepid reporter and hero of the action-packed movie The Adventures of Tintin directed by Steven Spielberg. Developed in close collaboration with the filmmaking team, the video game offers an authentic immersion into the movie’s enchanting environments and characters.

Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai

Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai puts you face to face with the unforgiving forces of nature! A strikingly deep storyline is riddled with harrowing challenges of extreme survival. Harsh environmental conditions mimic the isolation and danger faced by only the most rugged survivalists. When your plane nose dives into the Alaskan tundra, you must fight your way to freedom. The simple challenge…? Survive!

Tritton AX Pro Dolby True 5.1 Gaming Headset


Yakuza: Dead Souls

April 2011, Kamurocho, Tokyo, a city that never sleeps, even when under attack from zombies.

The undead are multiplying and filling the streets of Tokyo’s red light district. The area is quarantined quickly, but degenerates into a district full of terror, panic and devastation. Survivors try to flee the city, but four men rise up to protect those they care most about. If you think zombies are bad, meet the Yakuza.

As they run through the battle-scarred streets and witness the scale of the destruction, they are seen as the final hope for the remaining residents of the city as they kick, snipe, batter and bulldoze their way through the hordes of zombies.

Immerse yourself in the Kamurocho experience as the true to life recreation of Tokyo’s sin-city district faces its greatest threat. Unravel the story as you play through the eyes of four characters, form alliances, and work together to save Japan from the zombie apocalypse.