I have dwelt ever in realms apart from the visible world; spending my youth and adolescence in ancient and little-known books, and in roaming the fields and groves of the region near my ancestral home. I do not think that what I read in these books or saw in these fields and groves was exactly what other boys read and saw there; but of this I must say little, since detailed speech would but confirm those cruel slanders upon my intellect which I sometimes overhear from the whispers of the stealthy attendants around me.

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  1. You should probably know: I live in Calgary Canada. All of our weather patterns formulate over the pacific ocean and eventually move across the praries. All of our water also begins directly at the pacific ocean. I’ve been aware of the travisty that has fallen for a while and have been watching close. I knew something was up when the Canadian goverment began to try to pass a budget bill in parlament that would amend over 70 laws without debate. Some of which would include American police being able to arrest Canadians in Canada. This coupled with the fact that suddenly, the government is closing and cutting funding to the scientific community on mass, with a chilling focus on water treatment, and the Ocean sciences. They have also changed our food inspection, lessening the requirments. For a while, I thought I was crazy. I thought this was speculation, and the type of thing I would watch in a movie. Until recently I have noticed, in my own city, the trees are dying. They look very strange, there are many trees where many of their branches in patches have not produced leaves. Most smaller trees have no leaves at all, and many are simply dried up and look dead. This is the same for bushes and shrubs. Our local media released this, because the city made a statement: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/alberta/Mild+winter+blamed+confused+Calgary+trees/6748051/story.html
    This is more then weather confussion. I almost believed it for a moment, because it seemed rational. That was until I started to notice that the evergreen trees are in a similar state, And some, we are talking large trees here, are completely dead.

    The moral of the story is this: Be prepared, because this is happening, right now, as we speak. The Government is not going to tell us anything. They are going to try to controll the situation, and see if it passes over.

    It’s not going to pass over. I’m afraid everytime I see rain clouds.

    • in the end nothing is fixed more fucked laws get made nuclear power is not safe at all if its componants are made up by 100s of deadly isotopes anything with plutonium in it is dangerous only 1 lb of it is needed to kill the whole human race

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