Its been a while!~

I forgot i even had a BLOG

It’s been ages i wonder who reads my rants anyway comment back if you do or even if your a bot sometimes Ive had the best conversations with bots!~

not much has been happening except for the usual trying not to be committed to a mental institution probably the biggest thing

recently ive started hacking Nintendo switch its pretty interesting it was also interesting to find out that every time there’s a patch it destroys a part of itself when you update it literally

also many new great games coming out im blown away although politics has crept into a lot of things i liked and its destroying it from the inside thanks to bitches with dyed hair and make the fish mouth when they get offended

Islamist are on average carrying out attacks now every couple of days in Europe i’m kind of upset ill probably never see true European culture within the next 5 years it will be gone cant walk under the Eiffel tower they boarded it up for fear of a terror attack, and France has another rat plague thanks to the state the country is in because of the camps and trash the economic migrants left in their wake.

G.R.R martin hasn’t finished his 7th book but will release the conquest novel and history of the targayryns in november.

thanks for reading 😛 a games post will come shortly and maybe some cosplayers

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