cool new games check em out!

Now its time for more game and figure recommendations

first off we have one that i have recommended for years and it feels like an eternity waiting for this

its! Kingdom Hearts III

the next is : Jump Force

and a bad ass samurai game: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

and here’s this bad boy!!!: DOOM Eternal which has caught my attention because of the outrage it created during its reveal creating so much butt-hurt from the game taking shots at PC culture

here is something that caught my eye since kojima left konami i’m really hyped for it: Norman Reedus And The Funky Fetus

now to a slight change
Still hack-able and mod-able switches!~ newer switches have been patched which sadly cannot be modded or hacked via injection or soft mods
Nintendo Switch (Monster Hunter XX Special Pack)
Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Set (Neon Green / Neon Pink) is also hack-able
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Bundle is also hack-able
another handy way to check
Serials beginning with XAW1:
XAW1007XX (and lower) – Not Patched
XAW1008XX – Possibly patched
XAW1009XX (and above) – Patched

Serials beginning with XAW7:
XAW70017XXXXXX (and lower) – Not Patched
XAW70018XXXXXX – Possibly patched
XAW70019XXXXXX (and above) – Patched

Serials beginning with XAJ4:
XAJ40052XXXXXX (and lower) – Not Patched
XAJ40053XXXXXX – Possibly patched
XAJ4006XXXXXXX (and above) – Patched

Serials beginning with XAJ7:
XAJ70043332XXX (and lower) – Not Patched
XAJ70043XXXXXX – Possibly patched
XAJ7005XXXXXXX (and above) – Patched

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