i dont know what to post i was going to do a rant on the state of america and so on but there is little point in somthing thats beyond fixing who ever is the next president is in for alot of work unless its one of those pussy liberals or that batshit crazy bitch hillary just hope you get a conservative president to reverse the damage that obama has done to america, and then we have Sweden with its white guilt and self hating politicians that have handed it over to muslims its too far gone to help, now if people are getting fed up with the “extreme muslims” why arent the moderates doing anything to stop the actions of their “brothers and sisters” well it comes down to sharia both sides want it islam is islam no matter how you water it down, the world is waking up to the lie that its peaceful, because actions speak louder then words only because the majority are passive doesnt mean they are all good people remember only 7% of the germans were nazi’s and its population where much smaller then todays muslim population by 80%  look at it this way  “a small % of muslims are extremists” 15% of 1.8 billion thats 270000000 people that want to behead,rape,torture,enslave you those numbers alone are concerning espesialy when they poll these muslims if they support isis or asking if they want sharia  just look at countries with high populations of muslims you will find the type of peace they bring against nonmuslims is the same rapes,crimes,discrimination,intolerance rates just skyrocket many will not get investigated due to the fear of being called a racist, muslim is not a race its a sub culture to arabian and turkish, perfect example to this is the Rotterham gang rapists

sorry my post turned into a rant like this

islamaphobia: when someone knows more about islam than they are suppose to know