im back well not realy

its been a while since i last posted here,anyone miss me in the slightest?,doubt it.been bored as doing this and that trying to sort out official crap i hate bureaucracy and governments for a change of pace i think ill recomend some good manga 😛 ok first off we have domina no do

Tsuchie Takeshi has dreams of playing with Hikari-chan as a child. He remembers her as a kind, sweet girl. However, one day on the way home from school, Takeshi is abducted and taken to a huge house, only to find out that she’s become an arrogant, violent dominatrix. Furthermore, she says that he promised to marry her! How will he adjust to her new personality, and living with her as a new son of her prestigious family?and full on crazy situations from crotch sniffing to cocksuckers LOOOOOL ps i almost was the cleaner of this but i went inactive after a while when i was working with KAW

i dont have it uploaded so ill give you an online reader link


ill put more up later i cant keep procrastinatin ya know enjoy though i was serious there is cocksucking involved with that manga /lol