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Developer shadoxi has released the True Blue and Cobra-USB payloads. With these developments, there may soon be a way for those without the dongles to enjoy the same experiences as those with the dongles. Hopefully all that is left is to sit back and wait for the MFW patches to come rolling in, but in the mean time most of us will have to wait for the dongle-less True Blue and Cobra-USB experience.


I (aka shadoxi) figured out where is located the payload of Trueblue and cobra dongle. You can find it at offset @360000 in lv2_kernel and 7f0000 in ps3 memory.

First of all you need to edit the header of lv2_kernel.self (from cfw trueblue) at offset 0Ɨ1D, replace 36 1A 00 by 4C FC F0. And decrypt it with unself tool from fail0verFlow. Open lv2_kernel.elf with Ida pro (in binary file mode), go to offset 360000 and press ā€œCā€ to convert to asm code.

TrueBlue use some HVCALL:
lv1_panic (shutdown ps3 when TB is unplugged)

This payload do some hvcall:
lv1_insert_htab_entry (map lv1)
lv1_allocate_device_dma_region (?)
lv1_map_device_dma_region (?)
lv1_net_start_tx_dma (?)
lv1_net_control (?)
lv1_panic (shutdown ps3 when TrueBlue Dongle is unplugged)
lv1_undocumented_function_114 (map lv1)
lv1_undocumented_function_115 (unmap lv1)

We need now to dump lv2 and lv1 memory when TrueBlue is plugged. So I create a modified TrueBlue Cfw with peek and poke syscall. It work fine !

Download Link:


i thought this was interesting enough to post šŸ˜› havent posted much so xD

The new PS3 4.10 update that was released a while back, has given rise to a new and a hidden feature of sorts. Sony have decided to add dropbox support with this firmware upgrade making it a welcome addition. However, it is not to be mistaken with the cloud storage that is applicable only to PlayStation plus members. New users get access to around 2 GB of data which can be later expanded to 5 GB through the beta test program. You can sign up for a dropbox account if you don’t already have one below.


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