slow weekend

today my entire town was like busy as and i couldent get much of my work done i did get $47 for an hours worth of work though and a free icy pole and a bag of chips SCORE but that aside ive been bored out of my fucking mind with nothing to preocupy myself i realy need to find a new girlfreind….
oh yeah
human centrepede 2 was band in australia LOL not surprised but i am surprised that the ACB banned the film without even watching it isnt it their job to WATCH films and classify them? so why are they getting paid for not doing their job? i dont know why but if i were bludging and got caught id get an earfull

phone call here
the guy dances right into the palm of her hand on some of her remarks this guy apears to be an amataur when dealing with weasel talkers
when she asked why he doesnt drive on the left side of the road he didnt think about it and gave a generic answer

id have said the if i drove on the left side it will endanger the lives of others and possibly endanger my own XD

for those of you that arent australian we drive on the right hand side FYI

and her remark about masturbating to torture LOLOL i could totaly do that  it has happend a few times before but the way she said it  yeah……


And now to the anime, it seems I did not upload 2 ovas but an ova and an anime movie, even so both of this anime last approx. 30 minutes.

Pale Cocoon
A bleak future, a post apocalyptic world in which little is known about the past and where a young man is seeking that knowledge while everyone around him seems to care less and less about the past. Visually stunning, great atmosphere and quite an original story.


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