oh noes not another travel post

like me being so damn random im gonna post about traveling abroad and goin to different countries i dont even know where or what to begin with BAHAHAAHAH below me is the shorthand version of my plans its been through alot of revisions and has been expanded from extreme shorthand to what you see and STILL is very early on teh planning and it lacks too much detail xD like mobile plan etc etc also travel plans are very rough for those of you who dont know okinawa is at the most southern point of  japan that detail had escaped me untill after i finished this XD and then i had a face palm moment  you will notice part of teh image is edited ignore that also first thing you might notice my chicken scratch xD they say most genius’es have barly recognisable hand writing id say they are correct although it probably be apropriate to call me a madman instead of a genius


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