3.73 CFW leaked!!!!!!!!!?~ where the fuck is it now

ok earlier this week one in kakorots trusted circle has leaked his CFW so far it hasnt spread much but haha the on the internet files spread like wild fire
im not a fan of math or kakoroto frankly math is a giant E-penis attached to a head the size of a small pimple loool and kako well his last firmware sucked and ran nothing as well as geohots FW so realy i hope another lot of people crack his FW reverse engineer it and create a proper CFW that actuly works

Earlier kakoroto had suggested that the leaker could have been Mathieulh but recent tweets indicate it was NOT him. Lets hope this can be contained since it “can cost a lot to the scene”.

For now it seems the leak could be within the developer circle and lets hope it remains that way.

Seems to be contained…


Ok, so I dug and figured out what happened… GOOD NEWS! There was no leak! Although you never really know, but I’m more and more convinced that it wasn’t a leak.
So first of all, thank you to all who gave their support and the twitter flood was extreme. I am really happy to see that many concerned users in the scene, with a very few exceptions, I noticed that most people were disgusted and unhappy with the leak, someone summed it up pretty nicely “While I should be happy that it’s leaked, I’m not, I’m disgusted, I don’t even want to use it now”. So thank you, with your support, you have given me joy and the confidence that this scene has a lot more voices than the few angry haters.

That being said, here’s an explanation of what happened.
Someone came to talk to me on IRC asking “Is this how you did ? ” and he gave some explanation.. which was true. At that point, it could be either coincidence or a leak, but what made me believe in a leak is that he said something (which I can’t really tell what it is) that was very unique and special and weird and you wouldn’t expect it (even if you found the same ‘exploit’), and that little detail was specific to my jailbreak. Unfortunately, the guy went offline before I could reply to him, so all I could see was that it was a leak.

After going around, only 6 people actually knew of the jailbreak’s method, and I spoke to all of them and I trust them all and I’m sure none of them spoke about it with anyone. It turns out, the person who approached me asking “is this how you did : …. ” had not received any information from anyone. When I finally caught him online and asked him where he got that information, I realized that it was simply someone who was clever enough to figure it out.
As for that one detail that was quite unique to my jailbreak, it turns out it was miscommunication.. the guy meant something completely different from what I understood, and yes, I guess I was just being paranoid and I interpreted it in one way. But when he explained what he meant by it, it made sense… now that I read his message again, I see exactly what he meant, but since I couldn’t understand it first, the only way I could interpret it was to understand it as being that detail specific to my method. Life is hard when one word/sentence can be interpreted in multiple valid ways…
So anyways, that’s how it is, it looks like nothing was leaked, so everyone’s happy now. But this was a wake up call actually, it just reinforced that I should be even more cautious and avoid talking about it to anyone until it’s ready.

On that note, progress was made even though I’m on vacation, and it’s going well, I won’t say anything else

Thank you,

Source: KaKaRoToKS – Twitter


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