conspiracy theorys

team paradox releasing TB eboots for ps3 games why are they plastering the group name on the eboots? simple they obviously cracked them and wont share 3.55 meaning they are in the cut for sales of true blue USB drive

playstation news coming soon as somthing worthy of posting is available

and then we have the

australian carbon tax what is it?

well i can break it down to WE ARE BEING FUCKING raped in the  ASS by our government  with a new tax that not only increases every other tax this thing is the motherload it will effect

  • electricity
    • fossil fuels
      • fresh produce
        • local buisinesses
          • every family
            to put it bluntly we are getting charged for the very air we breathe
            were is the money going to go? well they are going to tear up fertile land and put a solar farm there what a waste they are going to fudge the amount it will cost pocket the rest and then add more taxes while we do decrease our carbon production china increases theirs and renders our effort in vain good job you fuck wit government

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