PlayStation 4: On Time And Ready!

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan has spoken out publically about the PlayStation 4 stating that he believes the console won’t ‘be late to the party’; this suggests that the console will be released in time to rival the likes of the Xbox 720. This makes the PlayStation 4 unlike the current generation of console where the PlayStation 3 release date slacked by an entire year.

However this wasn’t the only point the European boss made at the Vita conference, he also stated that the PlayStation 2 reached new heights in sales because of low prices which haven’t been exploited for the PlayStation 3 system as of yet. This for me suggests that the price of the next generation system might be sold at a lower price; this is to bring in a vast majority of the market in sales and fend off the current dominance of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. This might be a pre-emptive strike to also make haste with the chase of Nintendo’s Wii U, which will be released at least a full year earlier according to current rumours.

Let me know your thoughts.

credits go to dash hacks from where i stole this from xD


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