JAK and daxter HD collection announced FUCK YEAH

More titles that were on previous platforms such as the PS2 are now being remastered for the PS3. After releasing their biggest blockbuster game Uncharted 3, NaughtyDog have decided to remaster the Jak and Daxter Series for the PS3. This remastered title comes with full HD support as well as 3D, with PSN trophy support as well. With this new launch of the remastered title, the game will be experienced with better graphics, stunning visuals, and better animations.
Originally quoted by the Naughty Dog’s Vice President Evan Wells.

We’ve been getting many, many requests asking about Jak and Daxter coming to PS3, and I’m happy to announce that the series will make its PS3 debut this February with the launch of the Jak and Daxter Collection.The Jak and Daxter Collection features three of our favorite Jak and Daxter titles – Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3 – all remastered by Mass Media, working closely with our team at Naughty Dog.

With the launch of Jak and Daxter Collection, you’ll be able to experience the adventures of Jak and his Daxter in 720p high definition with crisper visuals, smoother gameplay animation, and in full stereoscopic 3D. And, I’m sure all of you hardcore collectors will be happy to hear that each game in the trilogy features full PS3 trophy support.

Via US PlayStation Blog


its slated to be released in febuari 2012 FUCK YEAH pre order links will be up when PA updates their saite xD im gonna buy 5 fuckin copies JAK and daxter is my fave game ever next to MGS

fucking love it guys you need to buy this when its out so naughty dog bring us a true jak and daxter 4 and not have a piece of shit like high impact games made


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