grave digging

ok now alot of shit in the world going on right now is tottaly fucked up we got USA troops occupying our military bases possibly on the up and up from 2,500 marines and then we have china whing from that because of them i think they dont think we trust em but we do a bit but then again our faggotory priminister ronald mac gillard will do anything to lick obamas ass then again our countries leaders have allways kissed ass and then there is peta bitching about mario wearing a raccon skin they spelled tanuki wrong and spelled it wrong and made a cool game where mario is dripping bloodand guts from the skin sounds like we have a winrar XD i recon it would be a fun game where mario goes around skinning shit and wearing it kinda the game id play often imo peta is full of the most hypocritical people out there fuckin stringed out hippies that havent had a good cone in 20 years


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