small update

as i said small update because i  have little motivation right now

Final Fantasy Type-0
Choose your player character from class zero, each has a different skill set, and infiltrate the city center to reactivate the crystal. Take your team with you to clear missions, and when things get too tough, turn on your networking function to ask a friend to help you out.

IMHO final fantasy has been bland dry unimmaginitve for so long i realy dont care about it any more they just suck  if they where made after FFX

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (Original Dual Shock 3 Package)

a sweet ps3 controler

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International

The year is A.D. 2087. In the aftermath of World War III, Earth has been ravaged and the population decimated by a deteriorating environment. The countries that survived have joined together to form the Greater Unified Nations and turned their eyes skyward…to space. Edge Maverick and his childhood friend Reimi Saionji are chosen as pioneer members of the Space Reconnaissance Force, which was created to seek out new worlds beyond the stars. Their ship, the Calnus, takes its place on the lunar launch pad along with four other starships of the first reconnaissance fleet. These ships – humanity’s last hope – blast off one-by-one and sail into the awaiting wormhole that leads to the vast star ocean. And so, Edge and his crew begin their voyage in search of a new haven for humanity…and a second chance.

one of my fave games ever


Grand Theft Auto IV (Greatest Hits)


now to the manga ive decided it being halloween in america right now to share SICK and FUCKED manga please note these are not for the weak or morilist zealots its NSFW

keep on vibrating

drainage city        drainage city volume 2

portus part 1 portus part 2 please note you will need both parts downloaded to read it, its a split archive

maggot hole

hentai shounen

plastic girl



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