japanese mania

HORI PS3 Tactical Assault Commander 3

which is an awesome peripheral for any hard core gamer and now its not just restricetd to PC now


Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen

Form the strongest team to defeat the Hagoromo Kitsune. That powerful fox spirit has been devouring people and usurping power since the Heian era, and Rikuo, the leader of Hakki Yayou (the march of a hundred ogres) is the one to defeat her.


The IdolM@ster: Gravure For You! Vol. 2

so sexy

The Idolm@ster 2

The girls are waiting for you to take them under your wing and turn them into super idols. In The Idolm@ster 2 you work with 3 girls, take them to classes, design their images and pit them against idols from other agencies. If you are successful, your trio grows into a five girl group, giving you more songs to perform and more fans.

L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition

L.A. Noire blends action, detection and complex storytelling and draws players into an open-ended challenge to solve a series of gruesome murders. Set in a perfectly recreated Los Angeles before freeways, with a post-war backdrop of corruption, drugs and jazz, L.A. Noire will truly blend cinema and gaming.

the complete edition will have all add ons and aditional content

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is a contemporary James Bond experience featuring HD visuals and realistic environments running at 60-frames per second, akin to today’s elite action games. Additional to the legendary story campaign, the game introduces the brand new ‘Mi6 Ops Missions’ – new, distinct levels separate from the campaign that span the varied environments from the story and challenge players to complete different Assault, Elimination, Stealth and Defence objectives. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded also takes multiplayer to new heights, maintaining and improving its renowned four-player split-screen action and adding full, adrenaline-pumping 16-player online matches with more maps, weapons, characters and game modes than ever before.

im guessing its the nintendo game that got a revemp

Beyond the Future Fix: The Time Arrow

Romance is in the air in the world of magic and swords. Lilith is a novice priestess in the shrine of Dodona. She lives a rather peaceful life with her fairy and remains innocent of the strives that go on in her world until she meets the holy knight Nayuta and the mercenary soldier Kirite.

Nayuta will do anything for his religion while Kirite swore to protect Lilith from every harm. Besides the two men, there is a whole cast of colorful characters in the dangerous world outside, voiced by famous seiyuu such as Sakurai Yukihiro and Kishi Daisuke.

In her journey, Lilith learns one thing. Love is what saves everything.

this sounds a bit weird although i dont know what to think this will be a BIG game though because of 5pb

White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide

the title brings back memories of sadness for me >.> if you have seen the anime you will know why

Having an idol as your girlfriend isn’t all honey and roses, the more popular she becomes, the less time she has for you. All the time unspent and the words unsaid deepens the gap between you two. Although the misunderstandings started out small, they lead to bigger and bigger conflicts. Until one day in winter, you realized that everybody, especially the girls around you are drawn into the chaos.

Drawn by Kawata Hisashi, all graphics in the game are delicately drawn to bring out the sorrowful, but gentle atmosphere. And by using the motion portrait system, you can pick up their body language and their mood even easier.

Voiced by famous seiyuus such as Hirano Aya (Suzumiya Haruhi) and Mizuki Nana (Paz in MGS), the girls who vie for your affections will be more attractive than ever, making your choice between them ever more difficult.


Assassins Creed 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Polystone Statue: Ezio

this looks sick as


Gears of War 3 Throat Communicator

Infiltrate the realm of state-of-the-art combat with the officially licensed Gears of War 3 Throat Communicator for Xbox 360. Utilizing a military-inspired behind-the-neck design, skirmishes become immersive as you go head-to-head with hostiles on Xbox LIVE. Comfortable, lightweight and featuring integrated volume/mute controls, the noise-reducing microphone ensures crystal-clear sound quality throughout all your online gaming sessions

looks so fuckin cool why the hell is there isnt one for the ps3

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Suzumiya Haruhi Gothic Lolita Version

Say hello to Gothic Lolita Haruhi. Due to popular demand, she is back as a re-run. Opposed to the usual poker faces and gloomy expressions that normal Gothic Lolitas wear, Haruhi goes for brilliantly sunny. Waving her friends over, she is not someone to be denied of anything.

i dont mind haruhi how ever aya hirano who of which is the voice actor which is a big fuckin troll not that i care that shes a slut hey i dont care about that part that just makes it easier for my dick to get wet

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Non Scale Color Collection Pre-Painted PVC Trading Mascot

i so am in love it ika musume chan she is so cute XD  and squidly funny de geso

Beach Queens – Shinryaku! Ika Musume 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Ika Musume DX Version

See Squid girl in more outfits through this DX pack. The box set comes with the girl’s swim suit and her one piece dress, so she’d be dressed for the occasion in case you want to take her further into the land


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