awesome game coming out soon

its called
Ninokuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou

the  language in the vid is easy to translate

Produced by Studio Ghibli with music composed by Joe Hisaishi, Ninokuni is a magical land, and PlayStation3 is the new portal to the world

The orphan Oliver is determined to save his mother, who died to save him. In order to do so, he followed Shizuku, the fairy of the tears into the world of Ninokuni to defeat the evil magician Jabo. The fairy gave him a book of spells and off he went on his journey.

Things however are not quite so simple, the night before Oliver’s mother died, a mysterious girl appeared before him to warn him of the impending disaster. And throughout Oliver’s journeys, a masked queen watches everything from the darkness.

if your familiar with studio ghibli then you know, my neighbor totoro,mononoke,pompoko,ponyo,laputa,nausica,spirited away. these are all classics and known even to normals that dont usualy watch animu but you cant deny a normal hasent seen an anumu ever because 😛 most where americanised early on like atom/ AKA astroboy and macross which was hacked up and called robotech these are all fondly remembered animu

just buy it  or even click it to check it out reviews and stuff xD


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